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In July 2003, a group of Springdale community leaders came together to discuss the possibility of creating a Springdale Public Schools foundation that would raise private funds to support the school district’s high expectations for student academic achievement. Although that group met several times over the next 18 months, the planning committee could not identify a volunteer to serve as the foundation’s executive director. Interest in starting a foundation diminished over time. Then in November 2010, at the City Futures 3 Retreat, interest in an education foundation was rekindled when the conference attendees identified the need to start a school foundation as one of their top three priorities for 2011.

In the process of developing the foundation’s organization and structure, it became apparent that the most effective way Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation could serve the students and patrons was to work closely with the Springdale Schools Alumni Foundation and the Springdale Partners in Education to make certain that the services and programs of each organization did not overlap. Thus, it was determined that the three organizations could be more effective and better serve Springdale’s students by moving forward as one organization. SPSEF operates as an independent 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt organization governed by an autonomous board of directors who all have a vested interest in the Springdale Schools. To ensure equal representation, the board of directors has been selected from the Springdale Schools Alumni Foundation, Springdale Partners in Education and the Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation Steering Committee.

Our Leadership
The SPSEF board is composed of Matt Clinkscales, Debbie Creek, Brian Horne (Chair), Kevin Flores, Hector Gonzalez, Vivi Haney, Manny Mejia, Kathy McFetridge, Carol Turley, Joanne Rhyne, Anna Norris, and Mike Verucchi.

Ex Officio members include Dr. Jared Cleveland, Dr. Jim Rollins, Fadil Bayyari and Walter Turnbow as Emeritus.

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