Frequently Asked Questions

MaritzaWhy does Springdale Public School Education Foundation need community funding, I thought the schools were fully funded?

Federal, state and local resources fund Springdale schools, but those funds do not provide discretionary funding for teacher, classroom or unique student needs. There is no funding for initiatives that enhance classroom outcomes.

The SPSEF online survey determined that 88.3% of Springdale classroom teachers responding take between $500 and $1,000 annually from his/her pocket to fund classroom materials or activities. After four years of funding 100 innovative classroom projects, the SPSEF board felt it should add to its endowment to enable it to provide more that one grant for each of the Springdale schools.

What SPSEF board wants to do is strive to meet the community priority to give more and larger grants to teachers to add innovations in their classrooms. 

What is a comprehensive campaign?

A comprehensive fundraising campaign offers a range of giving options to all types of donors (residents, foundations and businesses). It gives each constituency an opportunity to underwrite and designate a range of services and programs to meet the changing Springdale student and classroom needs.

Why is SPSEF asking the community to invest in or support a private foundation?

SPSEF has a four-year history of helping enhance the educational experiences of Springdale teachers and their students. However, our resources are limited. The SPSEF board feels that building its endowment will increase its ability to support increasing classroom innovation as the school system grows and becomes increasingly diverse.  In addition to the grants for teachers, the SPSEF board would like to encourage and support high potential students who aspire to become future Springdale teachers with grants.

 Why does the comprehensive campaign begin with the SPSEF board and Springdale staff?

The SPSEF board and staff know the schools’ needs and opportunities better than anyone. They also know the parents and community who need and support the schools, their services, innovations and programs.

Board and staff support eloquently demonstrates to the community that those who know Springdale schools best have invested their support. The fact that 100% of the board and the majority of staff have already made their gift is a clear sign to the community.

What message can I share with grateful parents and people in the community?

Your message to the grateful parents, your family and friends is: this is an opportunity to invest in your children’s and grandchildren’s’ futures and to make sure that Springdale teachers have the services, programs and discretionary funds to maintain an innovative, high quality education. Your investment in SPSEF provides a revenue stream that the SPSEF board can use to meet new needs or take advantage of opportunities and innovations.

What benefit will individuals and businesses that invest in Springdale Public School Education Foundation gain from this campaign?

In four years SPSEF has supported schools, teachers and students. The board has never asked for financial support from the broader Springdale community. Now they see increasing classroom support needs and invite the community to invest in underwriting classroom needs.  We believe that teachers should not have to take their salary to support their profession. Your investment will assure that the SPSEF board has continuing financial resources to meet changing classroom needs and to expand its grants to both teachers and students in both number and the size of the grants each semester.

What will change at the Foundation from this campaign?

Funds from this campaign will be invested to ensure a continuing revenue stream that the SPSEF board can support new needs, innovations and opportunities.

How did Springdale Public School Education Foundation determine its $5 million goal?

SPSEF conducted a feasibility study among community opinion leaders, staff, board and potential investors. That study determined that in the current economy, population and economic indicators, $5million would be an achievable goal for the Foundation’s first fundraising endeavor.

What will happen if the campaign does not reach its goal?

The Foundation set the $5,000,000 goal as achievable based on similar Springdale campaigns. We are confident that the goal is achievable with your support. To meet that goal SPSEF will need 48 lead and major gifts in five and six figures.

Community support today and into the future is necessary to fill the gap created by decreases in state and federal education support funds. SPSEF will invest and spend your investment so that Springdale schools will continue to offer innovation and exceptional education to all students.

The SPSEF board will endeavor that teachers feel appreciated and financially supported to ensure that students have the materials and programs that enhance their educational opportunities. Our constituents expect Springdale Public School Education Foundation to live within our means.

Where will our contributions be invested?

SPSEF partners with local vendors. Point Financial has been our investment counselor since our inception. Point Financial is composed of respected local investment counselors. The Point is the sole Springdale investment company, run by Springdale alumni. It has a history of providing responsible investment and supporting local nonprofits.

What do you mean by aspiring educator scholarships/grants?

In the recent past, Springdale High students who were interested in nursing were helped through their process to become medical professionals. Those who used this support have remained serving in local hospitals and medical services.  Now the SPSEF board believes that the same process can be used to help aspiring Springdale students to become future Springdale teachers.

How much of the donations will remain in Springdale?

Since its inception Springdale Public School Education Foundation has kept 100% of each donor dollar in our community. We use local vendors and support local teachers and students.

SPSEF have distributed over $1.4 million in grants and funded over 250 classroom innovation grants. At least one grant has been made in each school in the district.

Currently, SPSEF manages 16 scholarship funds. In total, we have granted $686,800 in over 250 scholarships to students over the ten years of SPSEF’s existence.

Now, we want to support aspiring high performing Springdale high school students to become professional educators and return to Springdale to teach in our schools.

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