Impact to the Schools

The Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation has had a busy and successful four years of operation. Its top accomplishments include:

  • Grew the Foundation endowment to $1,560,000
  • Funded 92 innovation grants or 40% of the 226 grant requests
  • Directly impacted 25% of Springdale students, averaging 5,500 per year
  • Funded $163,336 in District Grants including
    – Black Stallion Literary Project
    – EAST Labs
    – Jones Literacy grants in partnership with Farmers Insurance



Unmet Needs in the Schools

Whereas the accomplishments the Foundation achieved are laudable, there is still a significant amount of work to do. The top three funding priorities include:

  • Fully fund double the number of innovation grants
  • Fund the remaining 60% of grant requests received
  • Reach the remaining 75% of Springdale students and classrooms with innovation grants



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