Pre-Campaign Study Findings

The Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation Pre-Campaign Study found that the Springdale community is loyal to and has a strong and deep pride of its schools. The schools are a primary influence on Springdale’s economic well-being.

Eighty-five point five percent (85.5%) of respondents felt that the $5,000,000 tested goal was achievable. They cautioned that it would take hard work in a competitive philanthropic AmandaSparksenvironment to achieve that target. They also indicated that such a campaign would establish the Foundation as a viable charity.

The respondents recommend that the Foundation board should lead the campaign. They believe that Foundation board members should focus their efforts on their community peers to build a corps of loyal donors.

The respondents also sense that Superintendent Dr. Rollins’ support of the campaign and his explanation of the need for community support are indispensable to success.

A common opinion of the respondents is that the educators and school employees are also a vital element in the success of the campaign. Many suggest that the initial campaign effort should be among educators to demonstrate their commitment.

Hueston Eilers Partners (HEP) interviewed or received mailed or online responses from seventy-six (76) individuals. This level of response among a group of quality interviewees gives HEP a high confidence level in its findings, observations and recommendations. The verbatim comments for each question are also instructive.

The Foundation board members scheduled the respondents, which is the reason for the high level of participation. It was a pleasant, informative and productive process.

A second phase of the Pre-Campaign Study, in October 2015, tested the responses of Springdale School District employees. Nearly 800 responded. Four additional questions were added to the study to determine how much teachers spend on their classroom. It found that an average of $500 out-of-pocket is spent by teachers, that 40% were unaware of the availability of grants and that they welcomed that support to add innovation to their classrooms.

HEP compared and contrasted the community and educator responses. Like the community, teachers support the SPSEF mission. Teachers welcome the innovation grants. Those who have received them see residual benefits and learning growth in their classrooms year after year as the grant continues to have impact.

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