Innovation Grants for Teachers

Funds from the Share Your Pride campaign will be invested to ensure a sustaining revenue stream that the Board can use to support new needs, innovations and opportunities. It will allow the Board to double the impact with more and larger grants that are awarded twice a year. Here is information from some of our grant recipients.

emilycook_grantAs the Engineering teacher at Lakeside Junior High I am constantly looking for innovative ways to help students reach that next level of understanding. I applied for and was awarded a grant from SPSEF that my class used to purchase robotic equipment. The funds provided have allowed my students to reach a much higher level of understanding of programming and robotic systems.

~Emily Cook
Lakeside Junior High School

sueneese_grantThe grant that I received from the Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation has taken the third grade Guided Reading program at Elmdale to an entirely new level. With the grant funds I received, I was able to purchase several groups of high- interest books that our kids use for Guided Reading and research projects. The students now have a larger amount of books to choose from, which has really sparked a greater passion for reading. Thank you, SPSEF!

~Sue Neese
Elmdale Elementary

lindsayjester_grantOur new equipment has been a dream for our kids for awhile, and we are so thankful it is here, put in place and in use. Many of our special needs children are not able to use our other playground equipment due
to their individual concerns, and this has made not only their lives better, it has also made them feel like they have a purpose and a place here on the playground. I want to say a special thank you to SPSEF for making this dream come true. We requested a $1,500 grant to implement our special needs swing set. Through the Foundation, many teachers are able to support the students’ learning while receiving financial support to ensure that every child receives a strong foundation.

~Lindsay Jester
Helen Tyson Middle School

joshworthy_grantThe funds from the Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation have been an absolute game changer for our program. We’ve been able to get our hands on advanced and unique technology to help solve problems with our local community partners. The Foundation not only helps put sophisticated tools in the hands of our students, but the grant funds also free up time for our teachers and facilitators to focus on connecting those kids with this new technology. Fundraising and securing money to pay for this type of technology can be a huge burden for any educator. We’ve received funds to purchase professional grade GIS receivers to create innovative maps for several community partners. These tools have provided us with the opportunity to showcase our projects in Little Rock, Hot Springs, San Diego, California and even be featured on Japanese television (NHK Today) in Tokyo. We’re also on year three of our school Mobile Library program and have even begun 3D printing and 3D modeling at the elementary level, all thanks to the Foundation.

~Josh Worthy
Sonora Elementary

tamaramcnabb_grantThe iPads that were purchased through the Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation grant have been used to capture orientation and mobility experiences that can be reviewed by the Certified Vision Teacher, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist and low-vision students to develop skills towards independence.

~Tamara McNabb, Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Springdale School District

The grant from Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation allowed us to provide the students in our attendance area, including preschool and middle school and beyond, with literature over the summer months through a Mobile Library. The goal was to decrease the summer lag – a drop in their reading proficiency – when children do not have access to reading materials over the summer months, and are not within walking distance to a library. It has regina_stewman_grantallowed the staff to continue established relationships, while building new relationships with students and their families. Through this partnership, our students have received academic, social and basic needs (food snacks) support throughout the school year.

~Dr. Regina Stewman, Principal
Sonora Elementary

richard_newberry_grantI have been blessed to receive two $1,500 grants from the Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation. The 2014-15 grant enabled our Robotics class to purchase their own VEX Competition Field. Our students were able to practice on an identical field to that used in competition, resulting in a very successful year. The 2015-16 grant enabled the Robotics class to add pneumatics equipment to the curriculum. Students learn about pneumatics and apply their knowledge to robotic design. Thank you to SPSEF and all the supporters who make it possible.

~Richard Newberry
Southwest Junior High School

Wearing the HOSA blazer at state competition made me feel more in power and confident, as I could achieve anything while looking professional.

~Kathleen P., Student

Thank you for allowing me to present myself in a very professional way. I was able to have the confidence needed in order to be successful.

~Daniel H., Student

hosa_cathygunter_grantMany students would not have been able to wear such nice business attire without the help of the Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation grant. It allowed them the confidence and self-esteem necessary to compete and win at HOSA – Future Health Professionals state-level competition.

~Cathy Gunter
Springdale High School

Aspiring Student Financial Support
In addition to the grants for teachers, SPSEF board would like to encourage and support high-potential students who aspire to become future Springdale teachers.


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