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Cornerstone Recipients

Patron- Mark Cloud
Alumni- Gerald Harp
Retiree – Martha Lankford

Patron – Ms. Pat Walker
Alumni – Jim & Gaye Cypert
Retiree – Connie Williams

Patron – Walter Turnbow
Alumni – Gary George
Retiree – Loyd Phillips

Patron – Ms. Johnelle Hunt
Alumni – Charles & Karen Smith
Retiree – Pat Ellison

Patron – The Tyson Family
Alumni – Gov. Asa Hutchinson
Retirees – Hartzell & Marsha Jones

Patron – The Shaw Family
Alumni – Chuck King
Retiree – Jarrell Williams

Patron – Fadil Bayyari
Alumni – Doug Sprouse
Retiree – Jan Struebing

Patron – Kathy McFetridge
Alumni – Chris & Debby Weiser
Retiree – Barbara Ludwig

Patron – Joe Donaldson
Alumni – Rick & Julie Roblee
Retiree  – Linda Childers Knapp

Patron – Adrian Luttrell
Alumni – Don & Carol Lynn Gibson
Retiree – Dr. Jim Rollins

Helen Tyson Middle School Adaptive Swing


SPSEF Board attends ribbon cutting at HTMS 

This grant funded an excellent sensory motor tool for us to use alongside our physical education program allowing us to create a safe and close environment for our special needs children to be able to swing without traveling to the Miracle League Field at Tyson Park. 

“This is has been a dream for our kids for a while and we are so thankful they are here, put in place, and we are able to be using them. Many of our special needs children are not able to use our other playground equipment due to their individual concerns, and this has made not only their lives better, it has also made them feel like they have a purpose and a place here on the playground.  I want say a special thank you to the SPRINGDALE PUBLIC SCHOOLS EDUCATION FOUNDATION for making this dream come true. Through SPSEF, many teachers are able to support the students learning while receiving financial support to ensure that every child receives a strong foundation. We are so thankful for the Foundation for making this dream come true. “

Lindsay Jester,  Helen Tyson Middle School Physical Education

Legos for Literacy at Sonora Elementary

Ms. Sandy's kids beginning to sort and organize their LEGO kits.

Here is a picture of my kids beginning to sort and organize their LEGO kits. We are excited to use this tool to build our literacy!

Legos for Literacy will enable Ms. Sandy’s  2nd grade class at Sonora Elementary School actively engage with hands-on tools to create narrative stories with descriptive plots (beginning, middle, and end) as well as several important and vivid events. Legos for Literacy, we will also be the vehicle through which kids think differently about the stories they are creating. Students will have to use engineering  and mathematic skills to decide how best to create a Lego “story” that will depict what they will describe with their written story. Overall, reluctant writers will become eager and excited to create their stories with manipulatives with their own hands.